Why Am I running?:

My motivation to run is my son and all of the other children
in our community. I want to make sure Menlo Park provides the children
in our community all the best opportunities they deserve.  These include
great schools, safe streets, and time spent with their families.

Currently Belle Haven Elementary is rated one of the worst schools in
the area, but it is also the closest school to many of our houses.  
Right now if we want our children to go to a great school we either have
to pay for them to attend a private school, or use the Tinsley program
and have them bused to another school district.  Neither of those two
options are appealing to me or my family, and I doubt they are appealing
to you, either, for your children.

I'm trying to find the right solution for improving our local schools, 
and then help facilitate that change.  Our kids deserve a great
education and currently if they want one they have to leave the
neighborhood to get one. They shouldn't have to.

Another main concern is the ever increasing traffic during rush hour. 
With all the traffic trying to cross the bridge, Belle Haven residents
are left with no option but to wait in gridlock. Instead of being able
to arrive home in a reasonable amount of time, we wait in traffic, away
from our families.

I take CalTrain to work and some nights it can take over an hour to
drive the two miles down Willow.  While I know we can't solve traffic
instantly, I want to ensure that the city gets ahead of the problem, and
plans for future developments and how they will impact our traffic.  The
Willow overpass is a step in the right direction, but it doesn't clear
up all the bottlenecks causing the traffic.  We deserve to be able to
get home in a timely manner after work so we can spend time with our
loved ones instead of stuck in traffic.

Other areas in need of improvement are to increase youth programs, both
in terms of sports and classes hosted by the City.  Currently if you
want to enter your child into swimming or other sports, you have to
cross 101 to do so.  Why not use some of our facilities to host these
types of activities?

I also want to see our Library improved so that our community has a
place to go to learn, study, and work. A good library supports the
educational needs of the community, as well as vocational and
recreational needs.